I made a spreadsheet that automatically tracks rewards values each epoch for tax purposes

Hi folks, I’ve been looking for something to track my ADA rewards value for tax purposes, and it’s difficult to do without manually checking my wallet each epoch and manually recording the amount and current ADA price.

Here is a solution I came up with using Google Sheets

The link above is displaying results for a random address I grabbed off of adapools. Feel free to copy this sheet into a personal sheet, find your staking address (e.g. on adapools.org) and paste it into the box. Feel free to modify as you see fit, or leave me comments in the original sheet linked above if you have a suggestion.

Keep in mind you need both the Rewards History and Price History sheets for it to work!

Some points:

  1. Staking rewards data is pulled directly from adapools and ADA price history is pulled from coingecko. This is live data – meaning those sites could change their info at any time, and it would automatically change the values in the sheet. For tax purposes, you’d want to make regular backups of this info, not connected to those sites. I bet someone could come up with a simple script that does this.

  2. adapools rounds the rewards values to only 3 significant digits of precision, so if you need more, find another data source.

  3. Of course there may be bugs, I just whipped this up today. Let me know if you find something, and obviously it’s up to you to make sure your taxes are done correctly.