Rewards Received Date for Tax Purposes

Will rewards be posted in a way that identifies the timestamp received for tax purposes?

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I’m sure it will appear like a normal transaction.

I was also wondering about this. I imported my ITN Rewards wallet as soon as Daedelus 2 was released, so I literally have a wallet I named “ITN Rewards.”

I have gone to the Daedelus Rewards tab to check the Rewards Balance on my two wallets. When I download the Spreadsheet, it shows me the Rewards I have earned as of the time the spreadsheet was downloaded. Is that the feature we can expect to see stay in place? Or can we expect to see this upgraded with a series of Rewards Transactions where it will list the Date and Time of each Epoch and show how many new rewards were added?

As a US Citizen, I will need to report how much ADA I earn in rewards at the moment it is distributed to me each epoch. Setting myself a reminder to download this spreadsheet every 5-6 days is certainly possible to do, but it would be much nicer if the wallet software just kept track of this for me.

[In the picture above I have added ### to block how much I earned in rewards. What it actually shows is my ITN distribution.]

ITN rewards were different, my understanding is that they were tADA and didn’t become “real” ADA until redeemed, so that would be the tax point. Or maybe, come to think of it, it would be the point at which they became redeemable. But different from mainnet rewards anyway.

You’re right that they weren’t “real” until they became mainnet rewards. But that happened on August 3rd. At the turn of that Epoch the protocol created new “ITN Rewards Wallets” on the mainnet that matched the amount of tADA that we earned from the testnet. They may not have been immediately spendable since the wallets were essentially locked until Daedelus 2.1 was released - but that ADA existed on the blockchain and it belonged to us…

My point is that on August 3rd I received an asset which came with a Tax liability. This is just like any other airdrop or mining distribution. That’s awesome because I know how to deal with it. I will simply report this income to my taxing authority at the end of the year to be in compliance.

But I think what @cbirch01 and I are getting at is that we would appreciate some help with tracking the income that we will be receiving every epoch from here on out. Each epoch we will get X ADA distributed to us approximately every 5 days (and when Stake pools become multi-asset, we may get even more tokens!). If I have a spreadsheet that tells me how much ADA I received on each date, I just plug in the price of ADA on that day and I can quickly calculate my income earned for the year.

That’s why it’s so important to keep track of Rewards distributions.

Well I’m 95% certain that the rewards earned each epoch will appear as a normal transaction in the wallet history, therefore dated and timed, and I’m 100% certain that all transaction data will be exportable in spreadsheet format in the fairly near future.

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Yeah, the data will all be there. The developers are very responsive to community needs so if we have requests for how the exportable spreadsheet could be better formatted to help us I’m sure they will take those into consideration!

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Good discussion. I appreciate the information. These are the kinds of things I am trying to understand.

After testing the Export CSV function on the Rewards page (and getting results like those mentioned above with the time the spreadsheet was downloaded) I opened an IOHK ticket. I mentioned that the information showed the current total rewards and time of the export but what was needed for tax purposes was the rewards received for each epoch and the timestamp for the rewards for each epoch.
The response indicated that there is a plan to release an improved version in Q4.

Seems like a rewards by date export still isn’t a feature in daedalus. Is the ticket publicly available, so I could poke them about it?

Having trouble getting into the system. Have asked for help.

Thanks if someone sent a reset but my trouble is not getting into the Forum but IOHK Support.

Having trouble getting into the system. Have asked for help.

The original ticket from 09/02/2020 had a status of “solved” because I got an answer to the question. I just opened a follow-up ticket mentioning that the functionality does not appear to have been updated.

This was the original 09/02/2020 wording:

The Export CSV function on the Daedalus 2.2.0 rewards page generates information showing the current total rewards and the time of export.
For tax purposes the rewards received for each epoch and the timestamp for the rewards for each epoch is needed.
Is there a way to get this information or is there a plan to provide this information in the future?

I am not sure if the tickets are publically available.

Thanks if someone sent a reset but my trouble is not getting into the Forum but IOHK Support.

Having trouble getting into the system. Have asked for help.

Try the rewards export tool:
How to track and export your delegation rewards

I think I saw a recent article on that export tool on the forum. I am interested in it but for tax purposes it may be better if the information is received from the organization initiating the rewards.

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Here is the answer that I got for my follow up ticket:

We have a plan to release the improved version very soon.
You will be able to check your rewards history on the Daedalus wallet.
But we don’t have ETA yet.

There is a way to check your rewards history from

Here are the steps.
(They go on to list steps for using