Is there a cost to changing delegation?

The math is ok. Where did you get the total rewards for E251? The rewards per block seems lower than the actual ones. From adapools I see 880ADA per block in epoch 251. With that number the APY are 6.3% vs 4.0% for big and small pools.

As of now, it is 0.17 ADA.
If you are looking for a stake pool, you can try delegating some of your ada to my stake pool, ticker is “JUDH”.
It’s a very small pool though, but i am actively trying to grow it. Small stake pools have less probability of creating a block, but if they do, the rewards are huge, both for the pool operator and the delegator

Wow, that’s an eleborate answer. I’ll probably still switch to a smaller pool. But it’s good to know.


@Gaaike why?

Ur actual pool doesn’t offer rewards to u?

Sorry I read. ”switch from a smaller pool”
Congrats for ur decision… on long term you will receive the same ~5-5,5% rewards;

Support small pools, support the decentralisation!


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Great choice. Support small and independent pools!
Happy staking!

Hello Alexd1985, how much offer your pool for 10000 ADA delegated to your pool?

I can’t predict on short term because block assignment is like a lottery and differ from epoch to epoch ( for example 2 epochs ago I had 0 last epoch 7 and this epoch 4…) but on long term (1year) all pools BIG or small should provide the same ~5-6% rewards as long the pools creating blocks…


How many ADA per 10000ADA delegated per block in exact numbers per epoch? How I can delegate to u from Trezor Wallet Model T?

You can query the annualized performance of any pool like this

There is indeed what some would say “a considerable cost” in delegating to a smaller pool. A detailed calculation of this is over here.

Alex is right, the total award for a given stake is more or less constant for all pools. This is however only true, if you own the pool and can also keep the pool rewards - as a delegator you won’t. The pool rewards (i.e. what the owner can keep) comes in two parts. #1 a fix cost (i.e. 340 ADA) #2 a variable margin. Lets say you delegate to a pool with 0% margin, so we can ignore the latter.

The fix cost is the distinguishing factor here. For a constant block reward a pool will receive, lets say, 750 ADA / block. These 340 ADA will get subtracted from this for the first block in every epoch. Before the rest can get proportionally distributed to the delegators. If a pool only makes 1 block / epoch, delegators loose 340/750 => 45% of the rewards to the pool owner. For a saturated pool (i.e. 64m) this would be 340/(60*750) => 0.76%

In simple terms, the smaller the slice of the fix cost from the total reward, the larger the proportional delegator reward. There is currently lots of discussion around this fix cost, because 6x340 => 2040 ADA / month is way more than pool owner should need to run two simple servers.

If you want to maximize your reward, you’d want to delegate to a big pool - the bigger the better (but not saturated). If you’re looking for a purpose pool that does some good for the world and you’re willing to give a (small) cut for that, you would want to shop around a little. Alex’s pool is a good choice for that - he has won a reward with this (small) charity pool.

That’ correct and also sad at the same time. That’s why we decided to share our operator rewards with our biggest delegators as part of a virtual cooperative.

Yes, I also believe that 2040 ADA is way too much for healthy pool operations. ASTOR likes, to reward it’s loyal delegators through monthly dividends.

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If u are looking to maximize your profit feel free to delegate with other pools


I understand. maximizing profit is good thing but money is not everything. Personally I consider running node and pool with same intentions as your pool runs but i am at the beginning and considering all options how to well support good thing. At moment i send gifts to medicinmen without borders and I also support dog shelter. Was thinking i run stake pool and could send them more.

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2040ADA a month is way too much these days yes but not that long ago the ADA was 12th or even lower in Market Cap and its value was 0,15 USD and I appreciate every pool owner who shares.Especially in smaller pools that is very important. According influencers opinion ADA is going to reach 10USD not thst long since now and some cal it even Ethereum killer.

Acording to “influencers” (people paid to eat shit) small pools are not profitable… yes u can start ur own pool… I can share u a setup which will cost u 20 $/month … but the hard part is to find degators to delegate to ur pool… without delegators - no blocks - no profit - no donations

Yes I understand the real issue is to find delaegators. According from what i saw even your small pool has really big amount of work behind and even 3-4 millions ADA delegated is really big amount these days. If u consider not every ADA owner has enough ADA to get at least one ADA per epoch from staking even in biggest pool it is really tough job and i am aware I have long term work ahead. I am also aware that it would be lots of work till when I start my pool and could make first donations. For now i am looking for stable virtual linux server 24/7 for reasonable cost. Startings are always hard but once the goal is reached, the sweetness of feeling is beyond all hardiness.

Yeah , that’s because I received a 3,2M delegation from IOHK for 3 months… after that back to normal life …0 blocks :crazy_face:


Contabo :wink:

Thanks, this is exactly what I am looking for. Even the price is much more reasonable then poor cheap laptop 400USD+ that would probably crash every fourth to fifth day.

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Influencers sometimes feed us shit and probably are well paid for that but they also need to have truth often to keep their jobs. In case of crypto market growing six times till the end of the year I doubt that but I definetely don’t doubt ADA is on good way to be real Ethereum killer and I dont doubt crypto market would double minimum till the end of the year 2021. So not really impossible ADA makes 10 USD this year or start of the next one. In such case we all can have nice money even if we have just 1000 ADA now or even couple hundreds. My old mother bought lots of ADA and believes this without my influences even. I just told her about 5 percent from staking. Many people google history and purpose of ADA knowing its purpose and destiny is good in long run and they do invest to support good thing same as I did.Not out of the box mention ADA is probably helding most percent of total cryptocurrency value in long term staking and even the small remaining amount makes 4 times more transactions then its current biggest competitor BNB.

Even Polkadot is traded much less then ADA. From what I see now during weekend total amount of transactions is much lower then usually but the thing ADAis much more traded then its biggest competitors Polkadot and BNB and according its size even more often then ETHEREUM shows its popular and is on good way to becme leading among altcoins sooner or later.