WHAT is the process from testnet to mainnet for pool operators

hey guys,
I’ve got a few key questions that nobody seems to be able/want to answer:

  1. what is the process for a pool operator to take it to the mainnet?
  2. is there some sort of snapshot that happens on the 29th, of the existing test net pools?
  3. which leads to; should we have ours up and running before the 29th? if we miss having it operating before the 29th, is it best to just wait till main net and get it operating on there?

Seems crazy how hard it is to just find this info.

thanks for your help!

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I guess people who are involved are too busy to answer this kind of question. I’m not, and I’m no expert of any kind, but IMO, FWIW, you might as well wait for the mainnet now. In fact, if it was me, I’d wait for a while beyond that and give things time to settle, and people time to write relatively easy guides.

well thanks for replying anyway haha. yeh these questions above are quite important and I cant seem to find any bullet point explanations for this stuff. its driving us nuts and just wasting time.

Registering your pool on mainnet-candidates is for training purposes. As the candidates are parallelchains to the later mainnet, you will have to register on mainnet again anyways.

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I agree. I myself will setup my pool after the hardfork.

Hi there! I’ve raised this internally and will see if I can get your questions answered.

As others have said the devs and others are really busy so excuse me if it takes longer than you were expecting.

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Thanks for the replies guys. and getting some clarification Andy.
I was specifically talking about the incentivized test net, the one where the ADA the pools have ‘mined’, and that value is going to come over the mainnet somehow. I am thinking there must be some kind of snapshot of that value.
"The ITN was a significant success, marking the very first steps towards Cardano’s decentralization.

The network itself remains up and running – supported voluntarily by the stake pool community – so we’re keeping this site live. However, the rewards period is now over. All rewards earned will be accessible to those who took part after Shelley becomes available on the Cardano mainnet, later this summer. All ada holders should follow IOHK’s social channels for the latest updates."

just read that. so it seems the reward period is over, ie. there was some sort of snapshot already. otherwise how would they know what to bring over. unless maybe they just stopped that network creating any new tokens at x point. and whoever has x in their wallets will be able to register over later.

hence no point in setting up on the ITN in particular at this point. best to wait till a good node version release on the mainnet after it goes live.

dang thats a shame.

guys, also see;

this kind of explains things better