Switching from testnet to mainnet

Hello everyone,
I’ve followed the guides to set up a relay node and a core node, everything seems to work for the moment.
But one thing i’ve not been able to figure out yet is how to take the step and switching over from the testnet to mainnet, how is it done? Do I just change --testnet to --mainnet when I start my nodes?
Or what i’m I missiong here, how do I go fully online and operational?

U will need to donwload the files for mainnet and create again the wallet, pool KES and certificate, registering the pool, etc

Hi Alex, Thank you for your response. Ok I will do that, is this process something that can be done with cnTools or has to be done the “hard” way?

Yes, can be run with cntools if u have it… first run the prereqs again to download the new files, script for the mainnet … then starr the nodes in mainnet… start cntools and create the wallets and register the pool

Hi Alex,
Thank you so much for your instructions, I’m running the core node and the relay in mainnet now and its been syncing for quite a while and its soon finished, will follow your instructions and run cntools and see if I succeed.

U will, use import wallet function in cntools; if u have questions, ask me

Thank you for taking your time to answering my questions, Im about to register the pool but it seems like the registration fee is 500 ada, wich is a small fortune considering every ada being woth 1.4usd at the moment, is this amount really correct?

yes, the registration of the pool will cost you 500ADA but you will receive them back when u will retire the pool (as a reward)

Oh ok in that case it seems legit, thank you for your answer, its incredibly helpful!

Hi Alex,
I registred the pool with cntools, payed the 500 registration fee, everything seemed to be fine, it poped up at pooltools but showed that minimum pledge was not met. So I thought that I had done something wrong and retired the pool to try again, but the 500ada that was payed for the registration have not been payed back.
And there is 6 ada left in my wallet but it says that they are delegated to the pool that was retired.

Do you know what is going on here? Where are the 500 and why are those adas still delegated to a pool that has been retired?

So, u registered the pool and u paid 500 ADA (registration cost). Those 500 ADA will be extracted from your balance so for the pledge u will need an aditional funds

Now if u retired the pool u will receive the 500 ADA back to the wallet (as a reward) next epoch or after 2 epochs

Hi Alex,
Thank you for the explanation, now it makes sense. I thought the registration cost would be held and used as the pledge. An also I was not aware that the registration fee would be payed back once this or the next epoch has ended. So I propbably did everything right from the begining and pulled that baby out too early.

What do you think is a reasonable amount to start with as pledge to make the pool work? I could not find any info about what the minimum requirements are apart from the registration fee. And I was getting an error message on pooltool saying the minimum pledge was not met.

I know many of these questions are very noobish and I greatly appreciate your answers!

Yes it is, but remember that the pool will need a big stake delegated in order to make blocks (~1M stake for 1block/epoch average)… in other words the pledge doesn’t matter (for the moment) but the stake does

Ok some updates, most of the issues seem to be resolved and work now, but one thing is still not working and I cant figure out why. The pool is poping up on pooltool and on pool.vet, but I cant find it on Adapools.
I’ve claimed it on adapools and I get data from it but its not listed there, do you know what can be the issue?
Poolname: Poolaris, PLRS
ID: fd249c444cacf9951780bc549608b6bc16d557a2d9a5f5f211815f8b

Hi Freddy,

What do you mean that you claimed it on adapools but you cannot find it?

If you claimed it, you can find it, no? I can see your pool just fine.

Make sure your nodes are always up and running, otherwise it will affect your visibility.

you didn’t had patience :slight_smile: check now

Hi John,
Thanks for answering, what I was trying to say is that I could find it in the list where one can claim owenership of its pool but could not find it when I searched for the pool in the regular search on the main page.

Hi Alex, haha patience seems to be the issue then :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for all your help its been of enourmous help and value

Thank you :beers:

Hi Guys,
I thinks everything is now up and running more or less smoothly, no warnings or anything or pool.vet.
But there is one thing that I cant understand, when I check my pool from Yoroi staking center it says Costs 18.43% (1.00% + 340). How come that is so high? other pools that have the same fee or 1% are at 1.84%, ten times less. Why is it so high and will this have an negative impact when folks choose a pool?

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