Switching from testnet to mainnet

Hello everyone,
I’ve followed the guides to set up a relay node and a core node, everything seems to work for the moment.
But one thing i’ve not been able to figure out yet is how to take the step and switching over from the testnet to mainnet, how is it done? Do I just change --testnet to --mainnet when I start my nodes?
Or what i’m I missiong here, how do I go fully online and operational?

U will need to donwload the files for mainnet and create again the wallet, pool KES and certificate, registering the pool, etc

Hi Alex, Thank you for your response. Ok I will do that, is this process something that can be done with cnTools or has to be done the “hard” way?

Yes, can be run with cntools if u have it… first run the prereqs again to download the new files, script for the mainnet … then starr the nodes in mainnet… start cntools and create the wallets and register the pool

Hi Alex,
Thank you so much for your instructions, I’m running the core node and the relay in mainnet now and its been syncing for quite a while and its soon finished, will follow your instructions and run cntools and see if I succeed.

U will, use import wallet function in cntools; if u have questions, ask me

Thank you for taking your time to answering my questions, Im about to register the pool but it seems like the registration fee is 500 ada, wich is a small fortune considering every ada being woth 1.4usd at the moment, is this amount really correct?

yes, the registration of the pool will cost you 500ADA but you will receive them back when u will retire the pool (as a reward)

Oh ok in that case it seems legit, thank you for your answer, its incredibly helpful!