CNtools, Testnet

Is there an easy way to switch to testnet on CNtools?

yes, run the -n (if I remember well) and the files for testnet will be downloaded

Okay, Im assuming I need to shutdown my node, and rebuild using -n flag entirely

not rebuild you will need only the files for tesnet, just stop the node then go to

cd ~/tmp
./ -n

then start again the node, go to cntools create a new wallet and check if it has test_addr1 (testnet)

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Ill give it a try! Thank you as always

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Appears that didn’t work, still on the mainnet. Didn’t add testnet config files.


hmm, try ./ -f -n


Type nano topology.json . Do u have the testnet IOHK nodes inside?

  "Producers": [
      "addr": "",
      "port": 3001,
      "valency": 2

Doesnt not appear so, so I need to change that

Strange, try to delete the files folder


rm -R files

Then run again -n

Then check inside the topology file

Still the same files and mainnet addr

Try -n testnet -f

Its looks like that did the trick.


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Now update the (custom peers)