How to install cntools on a coincashew node

On testnet, my BP/Relay nodes are working fine, together with gLiveView, topologyupdater scripts from the Guild Operators.
I can’t seem to find a tuto to install cntools (only) on top of current setup.

Is this a good idea Vs restart from scratch with cntools receipe?
If yes, would appreciate some help with relevant command lines and variable/address mods necessary to get there. :slight_smile:

Cntools has another folder structure, u can switch to cntools but then u will have few task to do (move db, move and rename pool/wallet files, move binari files, etc, edit bashrc file, etc)

Or maybe keep the testnet this way then when u will migrate to mainnet use cntools and start from scratch



I have tried to integrate coincashew with cntools, but struggled to get all the bits working. I’m keen to know if anyone got it integrated, or transferred, successfully. If not, I might have to resurrect my attempts and try document it.

Thanks for your wise words! I will indeed create one more cntool-based testnet stake pool!

I made it in the past for few people, should not be so hard… it will create a new folder structure then u will need to move the current files to the specific location

cntools keeps the pool/wallet files under priv folder but also you will need to rename few of them
for relay should be very easy even you will start from scratch because we will copy the db from another node and it should work (should take ~1-2 hours to build the node from 0)