Coincashew install & CNCLI - Are they compatible?


I have set up my pool using the coincashew guide. I’ve been up and running for a month or two now and been updating the node, using gLiveView, and the leaderlog python script.

However, I see the leaderlog script is no longer support and they recommend moving to CNCLI.

So, my question is, how much pain am I in for getting CNCLI installed if I have used the coincashew method? Or will it be no drama?


Hi @jeremyism, I also started with coincashew. To use cncli I moved to cntools. To do that latter, you mostly have to move some files since cntools used a specific folder structure. Alternatively, but I didn’t do this, you can keep your files where they are but change the folder locations in the “env” file.

Thanks, yeah, I’ve been playing around but I think I need to try install cntools properly but I might try the env file route and see how I go.

u can use cncli also with coincashew guide

Thanks, I was giving it a go tonight with just the cncli, but was getting a bit lost with all the various folder locations and getting the syntax right sigh

yes, u will need to adapt the folder path.

Also trying to get cncli working with the coincashew guide. Let me know if you have any success.

Not really. I got cntools installed but it is hard trying to reconcile all of the files and folders it refers to. I think I have quite a messy install now and I seem to have two cardano-node processes running now which isn’t right.

Now u must have 2 cardano node instances
sudo systemctl status cardano-node
sudo systemctl status cnode

Try to disable the first one

sudo systemctl stop cardano-node
sudo systemctl disable cardano-node

Thanks Alex. Yeah, I have stopped the cntools processes for now. I think I will try do a clean cntools install on a clean PC and bring my BP config over onto that, rather than keep playing on my live machine.

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I was using coin cashew as well to determine the slot leadership. Now I have installed cncli and simply use the command line interface to determine the leaderlogs. There are 3 steps: download the ledger state (same as coin cashew) run the cncli command to update the cncli.db and finally run the cncli command to determine the next epoch slot leadership. I just put it all together in a bash script. Can provide the command lines if you want?

I did the same. I used this guide to add cncli to my coin cashew build.
cncli/ at develop · AndrewWestberg/cncli

Had to change all the paths in the scripts to get it to work properly, but it runs well.

Yeah, if you had the commands you ran handy, that would be useful. I have got cncli installed using @BR03K suggested, but my install is all a bit messy now so I think I’ve got myself turned around a bit.

export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=“location of socket”/node.socket
#Get the current ledger state:
cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet > “enter a location of ledger.json”/ledger.json
#sync CNCLI database:
cncli sync --no-service --db “your wanted location of cncli.db”/cncli.db --host “your nodes host address” --port “portnmbr”
#Determine the slot schedule for next epoch:
cncli leaderlog --pool-id “Your pool ID” --pool-vrf-skey “location of vrf.skey”/vrf.skey --byron-genesis “location of”/mainnnet-byron-genesis.json --shelley-genesis “location of”/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json --ledger-state “location of”/ledger.json --ledger-set next --db “location of”/cncli.db --tz Europe/Paris
#Which ledger-set parameter to use: prev - previous epoch, current - current epoch, next - future epoch [default: current]

Hope it’s useful, good luck!

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PS: not sure if you saw but coincashew added a section on how to add cncli. Will be trying it later this week so I’ll let you know how it goes

Yeah, I did their install method the day before last but got a weird error when running the leaderlog in the json output. Let me know how you get on.

I’m running into a connection timed out error when adding cncli as well because of a connection timed out. Has to be a firewall issue.

Check 443 port (https)

It’s closed. Does it need to be open for CNCLI?

Try to open it and check again