Can I still stake when the 2nd snapshot happens?

Do we have a date for the 2nd snapshot?

I transferred my ADAs to Daedalus Wallet after the first snapshot, I did it at the begining of January 2020, can I stake when the 2nd snapshot happens?


The 2nd snapshot already happened on November 29th. You can delegate now if you wish.

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Didn’t know that
But, I did the deposits at the beginning of January 2020.
Needn’t was the deposit had to be made before Nov 29 2019?


There is a possibility there will be another snapshot for ITN, but nothing was confirmed yet.

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Pardon, I misinterpreted your comment. You can’t participate if you didn’t have your funds in Daedalus or Yoroi before the last snapshot.

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Hi guys. Any word from Charles recently on whether another snapshot will happen?

I am not aware of any statement being made confirming that there will or will not be a second snapshot.

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Thanks. Well fingers crossed :slight_smile: