Staking. when, how, where

I have the old wallet Daedalus as well as the new Rewards V1. All my ada are on my old wallet.

Can I stake today?
How do I stake?
When will “tokens” be added to my account (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.


hey @shawn

if you had your ada tokens in your daedalus or yoroi wallet while the snapshot was taken (27th nov or something like that) then you are able to stake in the ITN today.

you have to creat a reward wallet in the “Reward V1 Daedalus” and restore your wallet there.

Rewards are paid daily. You can restore them into mainnet after the ITN is done.


@Zyroxa is right. First you have to restore your “normal” wallet withing
Daedalus Rewards. Thats your 12-words recovery phrase. Now you see
your Balance of ADA that you had when the snapshot happend.

After that, create a new “Rewards Wallet”, you will get a 15-words recovery
phrase for that. Now send your ADA from your “normal” wallet to your
“Rewards Wallet”.

When you have your ADA in your “Rewards Wallet” you can go to the Stake-Tab
and delegate your ADA to a StakePool of your choice. It will take 2 days until
you see any rewards on the Stake-Tab, so don’t worry.