Questions regarding staking

Hi guys and girls,

I have 2 questions regarding staking

  1. For the testnet, is it open to anyone to join the staking testnet or do we need to register somewhere?
  2. I read somewhere that once you stake you dont need to keep ADA that you stake in the wallet (can spend it etc), my question is wont it create a problem of duplication staking? For example i have 2 different account wallets, on first wallet I stake 10.000 Ada then proceed to transfer to my 2nd wallet that same 10.000 Ada and stake on my 2nd wallet. Thus, I will get 2 times reward. Will it work that way or there is something I miss?

Sorry if this questions have been answered before

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You stake to a pool for an epoch.

If you transfer to a different address, staking that to a different pool won’t apply until the next epoch.

So no, you can’t duplicate stake.


Alright thanks for the answer @phil.lewis

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No we don’t.

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