Acardex is a fraud, updated list of related scam projects

The “GraySon” scammers group has put up another cash grab, called Acardex. It is in many ways identical to the likewise named Ardadex exit scam, which rugpulled last autumn.

Here an updated list (see the fake teams-thread for more details):

  • Acardex (active)
  • Ardadex (exit scam completed)
  • CanonX (exit scam completed)
  • Capitrade (active)
  • Coollaunch (exit scam completed)
  • IDOwall (active)
  • Panaswap (awaits activation)
  • Plutuswap (exit scam completed)
  • Ravendex (active)
  • Rocketpad (active)
  • Shootpad (active)
  • Verlux NFT (active)

The scammers call this FUD, but besides the obvious copy&paste content and fake teams, there is hard technical evidence which proves that this is the same criminal group. I am not using this word easily.

Everybody can go to the web archive and check the versions. Then there are interesting things to find, if you look closely:

In the Verlux Gitbook version saved on Nov 27 2021, the scammers accidentally uploaded the CanonX logo. I cannot think of any possible excuse, or how that could happen, if this is not done by the same hand.

Verlux, the never completed NFT market place, is a product of the same criminals that exited CanonX with several 100.000 ADA stolen from victims.

This is an independent proof, but there are more like that. It was shown before, that Rocketpad, Coollaunch, and CanonX were registered to the same personal hosting account. I am standing by this list, explicitly it includes Ravendex. Popular but a scammers’ project.

Atm the “GraySon” team is testing staking vaults and wallets, the API comes from Blockfrost. This was announced at Ravendex, Verlux (which we knew before to be related) and planned at Rocketpad, Coollaunch and IDOwall.

Probably they want to amass additional users funds in these vaults, and it does not take much fantasy for what reason after at least 3 completed exit scams on their account. Fortunately they are no developers, but simple scammers, so they could not get it working to date.

This is an exceptional case, and tragic for thousands of victims, so forgive me I opened up this extra thread.

edit 25.2.22: added capitrade
edit 9.3.22: Coollaunch has rugpulled
16.3. added Shootpad


Thanks alot for your research and this post!



if you have suspicions or would like to report a SCAM , please send an email at



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I prefer the CFDB. Also goes direct into JIRA.

Unfortunately these Grayson scams are not easily taken down.

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Muy interesante, gracias por compartir.
Saludos Cordiales.
(desde Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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I was digging further and am now 100% ready to prove that Ravendex are scammers and the list above is fully correct. Hard technical.

Added capitrade.

Preparing for release next week. Stay safe everybody!