Coollaunch - Fake team, scam project

The PR channels like CardanoToday, CardanoFeed, Yahoo Finance etc. are spamming today with a Token Sale release by Coollaunch, an alleged IDO launchpad on Cardano.

This is another fake of the “Grayson” Line, in case you’re not familiar with the fake team scams that started with Ravendex’ community manager, see:
Fake teams 419s: Verlux, IDOwall, Rocketpad

Coollaunch website is made from the same template as Rocketpad and IDOwall. The whitepaper is even worse, thrown onto an empty Word document w/o formatting. The project logo is a variant of the Rocketpad logo.

Team is fake, one person has a cheapy LinkedIn profile. 2 of the twitter handles appeared at around project start and do not contain substance. And, yet if hard to believe, but here he is, the Grayson no.4:


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ps. I forgot about CanonX, where the CTO has a rather similar bio:


The CanonX telegram group is still run by the same people as Rocketpad’s and Coollaunch’s. Just got banned there for mentioning the other incarnation.

There the team “got Covid” and disappeared, let’s see what kills the rest.

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Just a quick update:

Yesterday evening (UTC) the coollaunch and canonx websites were taken offline simultaneously, with coollaunch coming back later but canonx stays off.

These scams are not only done by the same people, it is probably running also at the same server.

It was too obvious, how content was copied from their first confirmed rug pull to coollaunch. Canonx dot finance is still available from