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Basically I am interested in knowing if Rocketpad is definitely a scam ?
All my instincts tell me this is the case , an unwise investment on my part it seems
Anyone else involved or who knows anything?

Check this out: Fake teams 419s: Verlux, IDOwall, Rocketpad - #3 by Doc_P

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If you are still in doubt, compare the and rocketpad websites. These are nearly identical and run by the same group of scammers.

Article upcoming on medium.

Thanks mate
Looks like I’ve lost my investment, so many others also
It’s a shame there is not an option like rugdoc to get the Ada back , wishful thinking
Scammers, low life scum !!

Working on solutions.

For the moment, here is the promised medium article.

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How to cancel a transaction in Yoroi? Yesterday I ran into Rocketpad and transferred 300 ada, my entire pension. Instead, rocket tokens came, but nothing can be done with them. How to return ada?

Here is the transaction:



Due to how these decentralized systems work, you cannot cancel the transaction or get back the tokens unless the recipient sends them back to you.

Thanks mate
It’s all there to see, I knew it
Another costly lesson learned
They have scammed a lot of people, taken a huge amount of money
I hope they get caught and punished severely
All the best

“Go to Telegram and contact an obscure group.” sounds an awful lot like a scam itself.

FWIW: Not found on Google except for similar messages to victims of crypto theft.

Joined xx minutes ago (just to write this message). Looks like Raven team found another marketing channel.

Edited: my message relates to Joyce Hilliard telegram vtech… thing.

People! Listen to @HeptaSean he is good people

Yes, vtechforensics is a scam from Russia. Hope nobody falls for that, they don’t even have a website.