Lost 4k ADA to Scam

Hey. So NinjaPool admin posted a link in NinjaPool.io telegram channel. Normally I would never fall for a give away scam, but they made it look as if Charles posted it and I would not put it past him to do something nice for the sake of being nice, especially since he sees Etherium as his “other child”. So I transferred significant portion of my ADA (4k) to exchange, traded it for ETH and send ETH to the address specified in the giveaway. Needless to say I got nothing back.

Somehow they made it look like Charles’s feed though poking around links I found a second identity that was registered In Apr 2018.

I cant believe it fell for this scam and I am posting this here so others don’t fall for it.
Also in case that account gets shut down I took a screenshot:

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What NinjaPool has to do with all of this? He posted a link to the real @IOHK_Charles tweet about new paper. Sorry, but your post makes it look like he posted the link to the scam itself. It’s a long known and discussed information that all crypto-related people’s and Charles’ twitter accounts are constantly commented by scams.


It was merely the source of the link, I am not accusing him of anything.


Ok, thank you for clarification.

Please, report all such twitter accounts as “impersonating other people”

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I’m not trying to rub salt in your wound but this is the most common scam that exists. It appears on every-bodies Twitter. Think about it. If there actually was a give away then why would they require you to send 4000 dollars to get 12,000 back ? That makes no sense. All they would require is your public address. They claim they need you to send crypto so they can have your address. In that case, theoretically, you could just send them 1 wei ( lowest ether denomination ) which is = to a very small fraction of a penny.

That post does look like it came from Charles’ Twitter but if you look closely it is:
IOHK_Crharles not IOHK_Charles

I do not and and never have used twitter. The trap was not obvious to me because I didn’t know what to look for. And Charles does a lot of thing that are obviously to help others rather than benefit himself. It will never happen again and I am really pissed at myself right now.

I’m sorry this happened to you.
Thank you for taking the effort to bring attention to this type of scam. It’s only obvious if you knew the scam and your post might save others from going through the same experience.

This is exactly why Twitter need to give the real Charles the blue checkmark. Thank you for posting this information. Charles has been trying to influence Twitter into verifying his account and they won’t do it.

Maybe Ms. Mukai @maki.mukai can pass this info to Twitter. I am going to go on there and say something about this.


Charles and other Cardano supporters have been harassing the @verified Twitter account that manages all the verified accounts for months now. Apparently they’re “busy reviewing their internal policy on the subject”…

@Vashen Don’t hesitate to ask on the forum next time when you’re in doubt

@Vashen Sorry to hear about this. :disappointed:

Thanks for flagging this @rickymac

Unfortunately, we are also in the same position. I personally take down 2-3 scam accounts that impersonate CardanoCom and CardanoStiftung twitter accounts every day. And I know of community members who help take down others too. We have contacted Twitter numerous times over twitter, through their support and cold-emailing Twitter employees. Still no luck.

If anyone in the community has any suggestions or connections in the Twitter verification team, please let us know! I am open to try anything!

In the meantime, please make sure you are vigilant online. These accounts will use the same profile pictures and very similar twitter handles to trick people. There have also been medium.com accounts set up to create scams too. As a general rule, we at Cardano Foundation, will never ask you to send us Ada or cryptocurrencies.



does anyone know why Twitter has not verified CH’s account as of yet? The kind of clowns I see with verified accounts makes me wonder if they’re running an agenda…

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This guy has a Python script that is apparently helping:

I’m sorry to hear about this unfortunate event @Vashen. Hopefully your story helps to wisen us all, both experienced and inexperienced users.

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Hi @Vashen, I’m sorry to read that you lost your ADAs. I know many of us are here to make money but is not gonna be that easier. Also, keep in mind that there could be airdrop scams asking for you wallet details. Cheers.

Where do I get involved with this amazing giveaway opportunity??

It does suck falling to a scam. I had about 200 dollars worth of IOTA stolen because I used an online seed generator. Crypto is currently in the wild west state so scams are everywhere.

It is Ether Classic that he sees as his other child. He split from the Ether community and would never use it. He does do " nice things " but I don’t know of any crypto developer that gives away free money. It is good that you made this post so others can avoid the scam.

Is that because they banned crypto ads and have taken a stand against them ?

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It’s amazing how the CEO of Twitter shows up at Consensus 2018, says he loves the crypto world, but then his company won’t help the crypto space by ensuring a verified account for Charles – ulitmately contributing towards ensuring scams like the one that hurt Vashen don’t happen anymore.


No Its because Twitter has gone SJW and fascist with their “Verified” status, by taking away verified status from people they dont politically or speech they dont agree with - or due to mob pressure - and the consequences and backlash of this is that the “Verified” status ( seen by the public) has become synonymous with a endorsed by twitter kinda thing which have serious complications for the whole process of who they verify.

First Charles is a Libertarian, thats the first issue…

But what is probably more the issue here, is that if anyone pulled of a Crypto scam, there would be a backlash, they would be implicated which is why they are going to be extra cautious when it comes to verifying any people behind Crypto projects, specially.

This is the ways of a SJW company, they never intended it to be this way, but thats the backlash you get for listening to the angry and misguided mobs of the socialists… Hopefully Twitter will learn from this, and change their guidelines behind Verified status, to only mean that it is the actual person, and no deeper underlying meaning… Which is exactly what was intended… But that also means giving out verified status people to people they dont like or agree with, or else this wont change.

Dont expect this from Twitter, they are a far left organization, and are already out there censoring speech.

On a last note… Again, anyone not from the US will have a hard time understanding whats going on… Because in the rest of the developed world, and most of Europe, all of this non-sense aint going on… But we are probably setting the trend for whats to come.

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Yeah you nailed it JB, good choice of words. I have been noticing that SJW attitude fomenting for the last several years to where I barely like Twitter any more. It’s a playground for verbal snipers, one liner hit jobs, and SJWs lookin to make a statement. They ruined what was otherwise a brilliant technology. At least Charles is good at use of Twitter and can hold his own quite well on that platform.

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