Got scammed yesterday - “Giveaway”

Hi guys,

So like the idiot I am, I got scammed yesterday and lost about $10,000. I accept full responsibility and it’s a hard lesson to learn. One of those YouTube live stream giveaways. Yes all my fault and I blame nobody else but myself.
After realizing I got scammed I sent several chat messages in the window and got replies. I pleaded and pleaded and to my surprise the person asked me for my wallet address and returned just under $3,000 back to me. I returned back to the browser and the chat window was closed and gone. Tried refreshing the pages several times and still no chat available. After 24 hours the $3,000 is still there (although less now with the changing price of ADA).
So although I’m a moron I was wondering if my wallet is safe? Can I go back to holding for long term and staking again? Anyone have any thoughts? Just in case you are wondering, this was all done on my iPhone.

Really sorry to hear that. I’m shocked they gave you some money back that is good news at least and smart thinking on your part. You just gave them a public key to send to so the wallet should be safe but I’d make a new wallet and transfer it out anyway. Preferably with a hardware wallet like a ledger or trezor.

Thank you for your help. I will check how to do this.
Appreciate the advice.

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Lots of videos on YouTube:

The best way is to get a cheap laptop with a fresh install of windows that you use just for crypto to minimize the chance of getting a virus if that is possible. Remember to protect your secret words. Write them down and keep them hidden preferably in several locations in case your house burns down. Just read about a poor German guy on reddit who had his keys washed away in the flood.

Always double check the send address also. Another famous hack is a program they load on that swaps out the send address for the hackers wallet when you try to cut and paste.

Best of luck. Don’t let this disillusion you. We are just starting this journey.


sorry to hear that, least there was some conscience!

can anyone confirm if dominic kostov from cardano official community ADA bounty sale on telegram via utilization of BSC, trustwallet, metamask, sending bnb to his contract address for generous ADA return…is this legit?

I don’t know the person you’re talking about, but please use common sense. Generous returns = scams.

Doesn’t sound legit…

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BTW just saw this post on Reddit about address swappers:

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same happened with me, how were you able to contact the person, please help and guide me.

Hey buddy. There was a chat box on the site I was at, you know one of those live chat boxes that you can click and a representative will speak with you. At first I messages (like a naive clown that I am) and I asked “is it that simple? Just send and I get double back?” They replied and said “yes that simple”. Of course as you can read from above I got scammed. I kept the chat box open the whole time and never closed it. I kept visiting the site throughout the day. Finally I realized nothing was coming back. So I started to chat again. Like I said they had some what of a conscience because they asked for my wallet and sent me back 1934 ADA. Didn’t expect that but ya it is better than 0. That was the way I spoke with them.

Unluckily, [Link removed by @napoles] doesn’t have a chat box, so I guess a lesson well learnt, never get too greedy and if something is too good to be true then its a scam… damn!!

Yeah. Greed is what got you. I’m sorry to hear this. You aren’t the 1st and won’t be the last. :man_shrugging:

Reporting a scam website
[Link removed by @napoles]
and wallet address

Is there or will be a feature in Daedalus that reports the reputation of a wallet to make users aware not to transact with those wallets or something like that?

I got scammed by same guy yesterday.

addr1qxcrlut9gk7pkpfnjkz2w430vnm45xxxva8cy8t86usaclkqz05tw0x3nsf5nzm0esjm9qhshedss2nlfagte5lwn9ksrr7c56 2500 ADA.
Same method.

I got scammed by same guy yesterday.
Should be a way to find him!

I doubt there is a way, but moderator should confirm. I reported it because looked fishy and community needs to be aware. Furthermore there has to be a system in place for wallet with “bad reputations” sort of thing to make users aware on what they are about to do.

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@napoles what is the point of removing the website? At least remove the link and leave it as text only, otherwise my report is useless.

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Sorry to hear that, it’s really sad
ADA Giveaway scams is like the Nigerian Prince scam, wherever it’s starting on a website or a hacked YouTube account, they’re promising to double or triple the amount.
The address of the site doesn’t matter as they don’t pay for the domain or hosting. Mostly a site like that is up for about 7 days, and then they open a new one.