Yet another giveaway SCAM

I’m not even going to try and explain what i was thinking sending money to giveaway address that was gonna send me back double…
its like greed * tunnel_vision = i lost everything in my portfolio which was around 2100ADA.
Wont happen to me again for sure.
What bugs me, apart from that i could be THAT stupid, is that it happened just as BTC is at 51.6 and going up and ADA going through the roof. I cant get that advantage back… anyways…

This is the scammers wallet, he has around 16k ADA and rising still. MAybe that’ll help if someone does a google search on the address.


I know not to post links to his website, but its still up and running. Its sad that YT doesnt care about those videos as this guy has been doing it for some time now.

Anyways, be careful guys and gals, it takes just a second of letting your guard down.

Best to all !

Thanks for sharing this with us, and like Charles said “We Don’t Giveaway ADA”
Any ADA giveaway is SCAM.
We need to learn from other people’s mistake so we don’t fall for same scam

If you ever feel the urge to do something like this again, just try with 10 Ada first and not your whole bag at once. When I didn’t exactly know how things worked like withdrawing from an exchange I first tried with a little batch and when it worked I tried the amount I needed…

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Yeah, trust me that is never happening again. I’m still puzzeled how i managed to ignore all the signs … but I’ve come to terms with it and moved on. Lesson learned the hard way. I can only imagine how people who lost so.much more than me.must feel. Anyways i really hope people pause and think before giving their money away.

Thanks for replying, all the best