Another ADA giveaway scam

Hi people,
just to report that i got scammed with 2010 ADA’s yesterday.
I feel like an idiot. It was that stupid youtube video + website ( comb.

I’m reporting here to alert others.

Will this scam ever stop?

MESSAGE TO THE SCAMMER: I’m sending this message to YOU ( scammer), who eventually still have the courage to navigate on these forums.

I ask that if you are conscious of your actions that you return my ADA (~3 500 USD) back to my address:


These acts that you perform are pure robberies and crimes.

Sory for ur lost :frowning:
Scammers never sleep, they can’t be stoped :frowning:

Head up!


It is so well done. He deserves it. lol

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Don’t give up! Start acumulate ADA again, it’s not to late

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Start building up again!! You can do it

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Sorry to hear of your loss of ADA. This scam seems to work best on the smaller investors looking to build their cache of ADA, which makes it all the more evil and insidious. If you ever wonder if a video is authentically that of Charles, just check two things:

  1. Is the sidebar chat live and active, or “disabled”? If disabled, the video is not live, and immediately suspect.
  2. Click on the channel link (“Charles Hoskinson” next to his photo) and see if the channel has hundreds of videos, as the real CH channel has. If it only has one or two videos or has none to display, it’s the newest latest scam video.

Then please, everyone who sees these videos running, FLAG THE VIDEO and report to YouTube so it can be taken down asap. You may be saving someone like JonCe from being victimized!! It only takes a minute.

I totally disagree.

I have less than 3k ADA, which comprises my entire crypto portfolio, bought it in early 2020, and not even 0.000001 lovelaces were compromised.

Small investor doesn’t equal short-sighted (investor).

A working scam depends on the people (of both sides), not their pockets; even if they are going for the pockets (the neg. side).


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I am curious cat, but I can’t find the Youtube videos that you’re talking about. Can you describe a little bit more how was that you got scammed? is a dead link, maybe Google shut it down?

I didn’t mean to imply that all small investors are more easily duped. I am no whale by any means. I only meant that those looking for ways to increase their stake beyond their means are likely the target of these scammers, though they probably ensnare a few big boys and girls too.

I got you covered @Pat0954; still how are you able to do something beyond your means? You just got me thinking, honestly.

Don’t forget that the online scammer, à priori, doesn’t know the victim (in some cases they ofc do).

It’s all on the gullible.

Beacuse they MUST know what they are doing trusting in that kind of systems.


EDIT: As Mitnick once said: “Believe everything | Trust nothing” (maybe wasn’t him, w/e).

Nice1, “The dog and the bone, water reflection🤣”.

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Exactly like that.

Look a bone! And there goes the bone… Water to blame here! Just if that damn water didn’t reflect! AARRRGGHHH


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