I lost ADA to a youtube scam last night

I lost thousand of ADA to a youtube+website scam at 2.00 UTC 13/3/2021
I have screenshots, tx details etc .
I’ve read in the forum that there is no hope and that this is not the first scam on youtube.

I am one month a small holder of ADA and to be frank i am little dissapointed to hear that this is not the first time. Should the community have already taken some measures for new users .
As a new user i’ve saw videos on youtube and many of Charles Hoskinson. And the scam relied mainly on his public persona to lower my defenses.

Surely there is also my naiv to blame . But being a new user, the idea of public offering is not alien to me. When bitcoin forked i got many BCH for free. So my argument is that the scam pulls some subtle strings and i would expect to be more public warning from Charles Hoskinson and youtube. Those videos use and harm Hoskinson image. Doesnt that worries him?

Anyway practically i am willing to give 5% for anyone helping me recover my ada and track the scams. I’d prefer to be part of a more organized legal initiative from cardano organization but i am willing to try that alone. In that case please communicate to me to seek a way to recover ADA and track the culprits.


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