Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

I think that it is easier to educate people about the value of crypto & blockchain than try to prevent scams. Very few people would give $500 to someone and expect $1000 in return, unless they were a registered financial services provider. In the same way, delegating to a stake pool of your choice or running your own stake pool will provide a similar return of maximising investment. Anything else is probably not legitimate. And I think that is what is missing - a layman’s explanation of what investing or interacting in the crypto space means. This is information is available if you do your due diligence, but for newcomers into the space, it can be very confusing to understand what is going on.


just today ther are once again the same videos at youtube i got Scammed too i paid in 5000 ada

is ther any chance to get the money back ?

No sorry your ada is lost.

The only thing left for you to do is to file a report with the police.

One more scam video and a website:

I fell for it too 4 days ago… i feel so stupid man… i sent 5181.6 ADA to this ada giveaway address:

Hello . I initialy reported my misfortune with a cardano-youtube scam site in another post..

It was a dumb act partly driven by greed but the general interest i had in the last month on cardano was driven by more noble motives.

But i dont understand a so far a defensive attitude toward Mr.Hoskinson . Mainly i came to the project by his videos and So i argue that taking into account that there is an apparent scam wave targeting cardano and that they usually use his public image to lure and giving the report that youtube cant help enough i asked as one of my proposals to either abandon youtube or more emphatically send a permanent warning to his new viewers.
I think that misfortune could be maybe a chance to empower the community be being more helpfull to unlucky newcomers .

In any way i find it disheartening an attitude of protecting and defending a prominent member or a foundation or youtube while in contrast in situations like this the same structures or people must lead to help and guide .

I paste the scum adress.
I would like to participate in any legal action and i wish there is a coordinate action .

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scam video and sites on it

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

ohhh, i just, march 14 2021, saw a live video on YT. from Mr. Hoskinson with more info on [Link removed by @Zyroxa].
My english s not good and some support member there helped me step by step what to do to sent ADA and receive it doubel back. I thought it was strange so i asked why they give away free ADA? he answered to promote ADA and bla bla. I felt for it and i never thought that it good be a scam. ;-( I lost 9000 ADA , for me that is big big money. i think i kill myself

it said: full details on [Link removed by @Zyroxa] with an e at the end but i dont write that because someone could click on that

i feel so stupid that

I lost thousand of ADA to a youtube+website scam at 2.00 UTC 13/3/2021
I have screenshots, tx details etc .
I’ve read in the forum that there is no hope and that this is not the first scam on youtube.

I am one month a small holder of ADA and to be frank i am little dissapointed to hear that this is not the first time. Should the community have already taken some measures for new users .
As a new user i’ve saw videos on youtube and many of Charles Hoskinson. And the scam relied mainly on his public persona to lower my defenses.

Surely there is also my naiv to blame . But being a new user, the idea of public offering is not alien to me. When bitcoin forked i got many BCH for free. So my argument is that the scam pulls some subtle strings and i would expect to be more public warning from Charles Hoskinson and youtube. Those videos use and harm Hoskinson image. Doesnt that worries him?

Anyway practically i am willing to give 5% for anyone helping me recover my ada and track the scams. I’d prefer to be part of a more organized legal initiative from cardano organization but i am willing to try that alone. In that case please communicate to me to seek a way to recover ADA and track the culprits.


You could track your transaction using Cardano Explorer

Just type the transaction ID there. And you will get the transaction data (target wallet, how much ADA, etc.)

I am so sorry to heart that. But what you could do are reporting it to the police & try to inform Youtube to take down that video/banned the user.

IOHK, Cardano Foundation and the Cardano community already tried to take down lots of scam stuff (fake Daedalus app, scam Youtube channel, etc.). But it’s like firefighting everyday, you could not take down everything.


It worries him the most. You cannot imagine how many life threats he gets everyday from dumbs who blame him for their mistake (if I want to be gentle).


I thinks i’ve helped in that respect. Immediately i sent twitter messages to youtube and the video was down in an hour .

i respect the already existing efforts to bring down scam sites ,but respectuffully i think Charles Hoskinson should NOW put a sign to his youtube channel to warn new users like me that the learn about cardano first through youtube. Doesnt it bothers his that they use his persona? I would be furious if they used my persona to lure people to scams. Also i think there should be a legal help site ready to help fill police reports. Also a scam alert to Deadalus would help. Additionaly a pool to add crypto to track down those scammers. I’ll try to do it alone but that will take more time and will surely leave a very bad taste in my memory.

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This is already done. If you open your Daedalus wallet, you can see the warning there for scam since February 2021. See image below


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You be defensive of him and offensive to me.
He has a public persona in youtube. The suggestion to make a more active effort by having a sign perhaps in his youtube site is offensive to you or to him? i refered to a fact. That among the lure package they make they use his persona to lower my dump defense. The same goes for youtube company.
Anyway i accept being dump . (being btc user a decade its my first time to fall for a scam. I even managed to avoid an ebay scam to buy a photo of a rtx3080!! ) .
But that dumbness of mine couldn’t also be used as an excuse for not being more active or more ingenious in helping us the dumbs who are new cardano users?
Anyway i want to be productive . But how can that be if i dont refer to facts (except my dumbness)
So i repeat my proposals:

  • legal help from cardano organization / community ( to file a report to a police )
    (i refer to ‘a police’ because i am not sure what jurisdiction is that scam crime that could originate anywhere in the planet)
  • technical guides how to help or seek help to better track down
  • more visible signs to alert cardano users and thinks the Deadalus wallet could be a start.
  • (many websites techs have alerts for example that occasionaly alert to download a new version due to a new threat.Could that in our case accomodate also general scam alerts.)

Happy to hear that. So i guess my proposals arent so dumb after all! :slight_smile:
Maybe the other ones could also deserve a critical assesment and examination ?

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Pls, read between the lines, I did not referred you, because you know that he cannot and could not do anything. I referred to dumbs who think he tricked them.

I dont accept the argument that he can be the most prominent public figure of a project and nevertheless accept that ’ you know that he cannot and could not do anything’.

@alekosp altough @_ilap was a little caustic he’s undoutebly right.

Hoskinson isn’t a babysitter. Wierd times we are living!



There is a fallacy in your logic. I think is called strawman argument. .

Who talked about babysitting? I argue on a fact . They use his image to lure . From my ada noob angle looks like a prominent public figure probable charismatic of the cardano project.
So is it too much to ask for him to take a more active role to defend his image and guide better new user or be more carefull what video platform he uses to communicate?
I see in the report scam page that youtube cant hanldle the increasingly scam pages.

So should as a new ada user , admittedly proven dump and greedy , but also surely interested in the cardano project, be guided , being asked to give info in a scam subcomittee or task force or in addition to my big loss should i take part in an discussion as a propable attacker to the person?

Thank you for the new “fallacy”. They are so many ATM I can’t seem to steer away from all of them! Hail the political correct!

Not my beach unfortunately! And take in consideration I do like to maintain balance, altough it’s getting harder. Nevertheless it won’t stop me from making some observations.

The fact you aren’t taking in consideration is that Hoskinson has a lot more to do besides, again, babysitting every single one of the scammeds and scams in act and en route.

You know what Hoskinson is? He’s the CEO of a company. You know what that means? Not to mention that he’s not only another CEO. Of the like you seem to be used at least.

So, I’ll leave here something for you to think about; Q like.

Did you know that ignorance of the law won’t make you any less culprit?

I rest my case! Make a catalyst proposal to open w/e you deem necessary to counter-act on what’s happening. Let’s see what the community has to say about that.