Giveaway fraud


This is the address of the scammer my 3560 ADA is gone ,i wish i did my research before i fell for this silly fraud

Sorry for you… Did you reported here?

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Yeah I did sad……… these fraudsters have no shame ……worked really hard for this ADA,can’t believe i made this school boy mistake ,still can’t believe it cant be reversed

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Sorry for your loss. Not much to add. As you say, younshould have done research, with cryptocurrency, you are the bank. I have flagged more than 200 videos, likely the one you fell for. And I did some research using whois. The sites are almost always russian. You won’t get any money back, these people spend what they manage to scam. I hope you can get more and, if you do, then get a hardware wallet. Many people have lost what they held on horoi because their computer was compromised. If the malware is well written, you will never know it’s there. And it only gets better.

Very sorry to hear about this.

Please be sure to be as diligent as possible and never send your ADA unless you have triple checked everything.

Some of these scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and while we are working to remove as many as possible, just as many crop up to replace them.

Please also be sure to check the following link out:

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The best way to combat these scams is to make yoitube do something and I think a simple solution is most likely to ne implemented. So I hatched a new idea.

If you search for anything that can be rlayed to cryptocurrency, the first video shown should say ”Cryptocurrency giveaways are scams”. It should say so in the image. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make such a suggestion to youtube but if you can do this hen I think you should. I have had other ideas but this one should be really easy to do.

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Yeah for real ,youtube should do something about it its crazy,can’t believe i fell for it ,price was high, then i saw after me somebody have send 62722ADA and before me others ,its crazy how damaging it is ,i suffered a lot mentally due to this, i just find it hard to forgive myself for this silly mistake,Im new to crypto and i was doing well,i had feeling it was not correct ,I should have listened to my inner voice, I reported everything to YouTube, I feel like they should be doing much more about it ……… but do they really care ??Im not sure ,i have seen a lot of these events before with other coins

Microstrategy is the rage right now. There are four giveaway scams right now. I worry about these scams because they undermine the cryptocurrency community. If you have just bought some coins, not done due diligence, and see one of these videos… Ultimately we are responsible fo what we own but there should be warnings.

I am puzzled by how this is possible, I mean, you have never seen Apple, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet actually give away huge sums to complete strangers. So why are people blindfolded when it comes to cryptocurrency??

In the US, they seem to be everywhere like the rear view mirror. We don’t have them in Europe. But not in social media and similar where it makes sense.

i whant report scam website also its on twitter : Toya Nash @ToyaNash16 (Link deleted by @Napoles) promise 1B giveaway due to war in ukraine

The amount, 100 million ada, is ridiculous. It would be enough to buy one or more superyachts with helipads. I actually predicted that scammers will want you to belive the coins are used for humanitarian help. There will be more of these scams. You could see if they actually received anything.

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I’m hoping people educate themselves enough to realize how ludicrous some of these scams are. Like Freddy stated, 100 million ada is ridiculous. Education to the less initiated is paramount in stopping these scams from spreading and taking hold!