Ada card(how much ada inside card?)

Can any body tell me how to get ada card easily?and how much ada inside on how much price? Give me cardano official supported detais

the cards were given out at the IOHK Summit. afterwards, the extra cards are being sold here; they are listed at $10.99 plus shipping.

the cards come empty, no ADA on them.

this is the only place i have seen the cards for sale, so i assume there is at least some connection to one of the Cardano entities (the Cardano Foundation made the cards.)

yet, i see no “official” stamp of approval on the website, i feel they can be trusted. their twitter is even @cardano and they only seem to be marketing/selling; IOHK, Emurgo, or Cardano branded products, if they were not related wouldn’t someone have sued them by now?

the private key is contained within the card, and is never known/shown. only the public address is visible upon scanning the card. to take money from the card requires the card to physically be there to sign the transaction. all that another party could’ve done is copy the public address. ((please correct me if i am mistaken, anyone!))

without the card, there is no spending, if someone has the card, they have the ADA. this is the point of the cards, they are very much like a banknote, physical access is needed.

Cryptosupreme is run by Charles’ personal assistant, @Joshua_Miller.


May also for your interest: these Tangem cards can be issued in different settings: for example if they have a limit on transaction numbers. A limit of 1 would mean it’s usable as a one-time gift or payment card. The recipient can verify the current ADA value and accept the card.

The cards provided by Cardano Foundation on the summit have unlimited transactions.

When you buy one at Cryptosupreme they also are unlimited in number of transactions. You can easily load, reload and then ofc also spend your ADA.

But attention: the private key stored inside these cards is generated by this card on activation and never leaves this card. So it’s not exactly the same as a hardware cold storage wallet.

If you loose the card you will not have a chance to recover access to the funds on it.
There is a future functionality announced, that you can combine one master with a daily-use card. If you loose the daily-use card the master card can be used to block access to it.