Air Gapping

Anyone interested on doing a tutorial on air gapping Cardano Node building and operating? I’m looking at you Frog.

Ha ok - I need a little time but will work to put something together.


You’re the man… I mean… Frog. Dude if you could get that put together it would be a huge boon for community knowledge and security in the network. Also, happy you have a sense of humor about me calling you out, I was a bit worried I’d be stepping on your toes after I sent it. Cheers!


How would you feel about using an “old” MacBook Air as an air gap machine after erasing the hard drive. Is that safe enough or could there still be some bugs hiding in there?

For me I suppose it depends on the source. You could format a drive (I would use a new one), but would want to make sure I knew the hardware had not been susceptible to tampering

It’s the MacBook I had used as my “everyday driver” for a few years before getting a new machine. I’m the original owner.

I am using one USB stick to launch UBUNTU live with persistent memory as the air gapped machine on my notebook which is cut off from the network. My security keys are on the second usb stick. One could use a third usb stick to move the signed certificates. Once all usb sticks are removed I ssh all my signed files to the pool.

Is this set up air gapped enough?
If yes, I may write a short tutorial…

Critics is very welcomed!

If you talk about bugs, are you talking about malware?

Would love to see a tutorial!