Airdrops for owners of my NFTs - airdrop & burn game

Greetings all. I have 18 NFTs I will be releasing soon.

Please tell me if the below is possible and/or practical…

A game with staking and gameplay based off air drops and burning… So based on the type of NFT a player buys (6 categories, 3 of each) players will receive specific air drops.

These air dropped “resources” can then be sent to a burn wallet during specific times of year. These specific times will offer varied chances for further air dropped rewards. So this will offer a chance for players to strategize.


  1. Am I able to identify the exact NFT’s in every staking players wallet?
  2. Am I able to easily air drop NFTs to players based off their staking amount and specific NFTs in their wallet?

If so, what does this all look like? I have no frame of reference.

Yes, that should be doable. Have a look at Blockfrost you should be able to get the data you are looking for through their API.

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Thank you!