An phone wallet where you buy with ADA and the seller gets payed with a stable coin who follow the dollar etc

This is mostly for Africa or developing countries)
Would it be a good idé to work together with a stable coin that follows the dollar/euro or something.

So that the buyer payes with ADA and the seller gets payed in a stablecoin?

In poor countries it would be an disaster if the ADA shrunk even a few % (it’s more volatile then fiat money) So if someone pays for a dinner, tea etc the seller don’t take any risk of the ADA dumping 10% until he can/needs to exchange it.

I know that this would be hard to do (co-operate with a stable coin like this), but the potential gain could be huge in poorer countries. And perhaps the transaction fees could pay for the costs involved in this.

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Este planteamiento, me parece bien interesante, sobre todo en países donde se necesitan diferentes alternativas. Estoy haciendo lectura de todo los temas en el Foro , ya que me registre ayer pensando de que manera se puede implementar en mi país.

Answer translated by google:
This approach seems very interesting to me, especially in countries where different alternatives are needed. I am reading all the topics in the Forum, since I registered yesterday thinking about how it can be implemented in my country.