Andamio interviews: Conversations with Cardano organizations working on onboarding through education

GameChanger and Andamio: Pioneering Blockchain Education through Project-Based Learning

Recently, we sat down with Adriano and Maarten from GameChanger to talk about their proposal for Catalyst Fund 11 which aims to harness Andamio to create an innovative project-based learning (PBL) course. This course will demonstrate the use of GameChanger wallet & Helios for blockchain applications.

Revolutionizing Wallet Interaction with GameChanger

The Essence of GameChanger

Maarten explained that GameChanger’s integrated dApp connector simplifies wallet interactions through links or QR codes. GameChanger’s flexibility is essential, especially for point-of-sale systems where QR code scanning is vital. This functionality also allows users to not just create transactions but also create new wallets significantly enhancing the wallet’s capabilities compared to other wallets available in the Cardano ecosystem.

Adriano emphasized the philosophical shift that GameChanger advocates - moving away from blind trust in brands towards empowering users with auditability. He stressed the importance of transparency and user empowerment, allowing users to modify the wallet’s code to suit their needs, thereby promoting freedom from intermediaries.

Lowering Barriers to Entry

Both speakers highlighted GameChanger’s user-friendly nature, akin to the simplicity of HTML, JavaScript, and JSON in the early web. This ease of use will lower barriers to entry for new users, mirroring the web’s evolutionary path.

The Andamio - GameChanger & Helios PBL Course: A New Educational Paradigm

Structure and Accessibility

Maarten shared his enthusiasm for the PBL course, which was inspired by GimbalabsPlutus PBL course. The proposed structure includes weekly live coding sessions and accompanying YouTube videos. The course initially spans five weeks but may extend depending on its progress. A key feature of this course is its accessibility – no installation is needed, as everything runs on the ‘inception’ tool, available on Maarten’s company website.

Execution and Innovation

As Maarten outlines, the first step involves preparation using the inception tool and creating examples for the course. The tool generates transaction scripts and provides a user-friendly interface to execute and review transactions.

Additionally, GameChanger introduces a feature that integrates multiple files and Helios smart contracts, automatically including edits into the hex code for seamless execution. This innovation positions GameChanger as a comprehensive system, mapping all functionalities of the Cardano CLI into a user-friendly, web3 solution.

Course Content and Approach

The course starts with basic transactions, followed by Helios smart contracts, and progresses to building a full DApp. Maarten pointed out that the Inception tool is open-source, available on GitHub, and an exemplary dApp for building others. He highlighted the ease of using GameChanger with JavaScript, simplifying the development of DApps and transactions.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Decentralized Blockchain Education

This conversation with Adriano and Maarten from GameChanger shed light on their innovative proposal for Catalyst Fund 11. It underscored the potential of blockchain technology in education. Their PBL course, designed to be accessible and informative, promises to be a significant step in empowering users and developers in the blockchain space, mirroring the ethos of Cardano’s community-driven development. As GameChanger continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of innovation and user empowerment in the blockchain world.

To learn more about GameChanger and their Fund 11 proposals, visit their website and follow them on social media for the latest updates.

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