Announcing Helm Charts to Run Cardano nodes in Kubernetes

Hi Everyone,

I’m thrilled :star_struck: to release production ready Helm Charts to operate Cardano nodes in Kubernetes. I put a ton of security and container :whale: experience to release the best possible Helm charts ever!

Here you go: find it on my Github

:four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

Let me know your feedback

Cheers, Seb.

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Woah. This looks awesome. Nice work @regel. Can’t wait to try out.

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Wow great idea it will make stake pool deployment easier. We’ll definitely look at your charts

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Unfortunately, I can’t comment (thread locked?) in 47906

I would be interested to get your feedback @tomdx Thomas, in particular in the area of peer-to-peer topology updates. I’ve been incubating something new in this area similar to your initial idea to use on-chain data in order to find registered relays information.

Currently I deploy my cardano services with docker compose. Although I have K8S scripts, I don’t use them because they’d create an unnecessary overhead, especially on the RaspberryPi4. On Helm charts, I can’t comment unfortunately - never used them.