Any way to stop "bad actors" from delegating funds to the pool?

Just want to ask is there any way we can stop any user from delegating fund to the pool? Is there any way to identify the bad actors in Cardano?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m curious to know how a bad actor could cause harm by delegating to your pool? Can you explain the situation?

There is no notion of good/bad stake addresses.

@XZact I can think of a case in which a super whale’s delegation made a pool oversaturated, luring away current delegators. Then right after that the super whale delegates somewhere else, leaving the pool with fewer delegators.


Yea I guess this could work, if it scares away loyal delegators. However, wouldn’t the pool owner benefit from the extra stake, and then things would re-balance after a few epochs once the whale moves on? Another consideration is with thousands of stake pools, this super whale could only attack one or maybe a couple at a time. A larger attack would be extremely expensive.