Are there any advantages to running a stake pool?

What are the incentives for running one?

From my current understanding I believe the following to be some good incentives to run a staking pool:

  • Knowing you are helping to maintain the security of the network by keeping it more decentralised.
  • Voting rights on behalf of those who have delegated to the pool, as to the future direction the Cardano project can take.
  • Receiving potential fees from the process of minting.

First time chiming in here. I haven’t seen any references where staking pools gets the delegated stakes as delegated votes as well. I was under the impression there is a separate delegation for voting. So you can delegate staking amongst various pools but they will not be able to use that for voting and voting would go through a different process.

Hello Crypto_J and welcome.
From memory I believe the IOHK Treasury Video contains the answer to the question of voting rights on delegation. I haven’t watched it since I was released so my memory is foggy.

Yes you are right, it seems ADA owners are able to either vote on issues themselves directly, or delegate their vote to someone they trust, who in turn may further delegate that vote to another party etc.! (See around the 10:02 mark in above linked video) very intriguing stuff! I can’t wait to see how all this pans out when it is up and running in the wild in the coming years.

Say if someone delegates their stake to a pool, but doesn’t vote on an issue, I wonder what happens to their vote? Do they not take part? Is it deferred by default? Does it have to be explicitly assigned to a trusted party? Would love to be pointed to a resource to learn more about this.