Are we being too short sighted?

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Hey @Decentrafied

I think its a bit missleading.

Im pretty sure most people which belives in the project and which arent here for the fast money arent disappointed about 4.6% rewards. Mostly traders or people which are looking for fast money are.

Could be wrong with that opinion, but nearly all people i talked with arent unhappy with 4.6% rewards.



Longterm community effort and support with 4.6% avg is great. It takes a community to build a lasting ecosystem of meaningful worth and value. :v:t4: :smile:


You mean my post is misleading?

Yes I agree👍.

Well of course not the whole post, but that quote “Apparently Cardano ADA holders are disappointed over initial 4.6% estimated staking rewards” :slight_smile:

That was the main headline in a recent article I read which inspired my post. It was meant to be the opposite of misleading, I’m sorry it was perceived that way.

You dont have to be sorry, i mean its your website and you can write how ever you would like to, but in my opinion its kind of a “clickbait” sentence. (even more if you do not agree with the content)

But as i said, i dont want to critism you, its just my point of view :slight_smile:


I believe in the platform and have invested quiet heavily in Cardano and I am disappointed by the less than 5% returns. I am not trying to cause conflict but I think that assuming that everyone has the same viewpoint isn’t conductive to discussion.

I say this because I am invested in many other POS operations that have MUCH higher returns in the crypto market and dividend paying stocks. During the last few months I know the exact ROI wasn’t known but purely estimated. I know when we go live with the mainnet we are going to learn many new things.

Months ago the estimated calculator with realistic parameters with my 1.12 mil ADA was showing between 9-12% estimated returns. So when you are only getting half of what was expected it leads to disappointment.

I will still be just as active with ADA and Cardano and I will not sell a single ADA because of the lower ROI. It wont cause me to bad mouth the project because I care about it, the people surrounding it and the global implications of freedom it could bring. I am disappointed by what is looking to be less than expected but its better than the less than 2% ROI on DAI and others.

Here are my ROI for 3 other POS cryptos:
Tezos - 5.72% APY
Algorand - 5.84% APY
Cosmos - 8.37% APY

Its not the end of the world but it definitely has send me back to my initial investment plan surrounding Cardano vs what my money can do for me elsewhere. My altruism stops when my mortgage payment begins and if the investment relationship with ADA becomes “Less than” you will see possible negative market movement from more traditional investors like myself who bought in early.

All in all still support this 100% but lets not pretend that lower than 5% is competitive with already established POS. This will also affect future investors who look at ROI and APY. I would need an APY over 5% or a less than 5% with a price action of $1 per ADA to stay in past Xmas of 2021.


You should reconsider advertising your big stash.

I was in early too, in 2017. I don’t know which calculator you’re talking about but I never expected more than 5% from staking.


Thanks Fabian, I’ve edited the post with a bit more explanation and linked the article. Your input is appreciated.


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Was more of expecting 2-3%. Was even ready for 0.7%. Then, the ITN came with mouthwatering returns. I thought it was way too much. Now we’re back to earth on the mainnet expectations while rushed DeFi projects on the other side of the fence let’s you add as many 0 as you want to your % gains. Anyone you hear complain are just kids mad that other kids’ toys are shinier.


As Rob mentioned may want to edit out the size of your stash from your initial post. A couple of thoughts… perhaps you could look at providing some pledge for a stake pool to secure higher gains? Although that would inevitably introduce complications and entanglements you may want to avoid. Also I am very optimistic that token price appreciation makes up for any hard feelings about reward percentage.


Hello. Just curious but why are people giving out a figure of 4.6%? from what I understand and even from the latest cardano effect podcast, they said rewards are still slated to be between 5% and 6%. When was this changed? Are we sure it’s a solid 4.6%?

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@rlewisgrover Thank you great to read input from the investors perspective such as yours.
I was both buying and selling ada when I thought my money would work better-faster somewhere else or I needed it like you said for mortgage etc :slight_smile:

I’m not a trader.

You said other already established POS blockchains, established in what, technology, adoption, or producing money short term for market speculators :slight_smile:

It’s a kind of logic like $comp ethereum token proved itself by being pumped to a $500 price. Proved in what :slight_smile:

What made me stick around Cardano was it seemed the least violatile in the terms of value and quality of both work and the idea, the project itself. And transparency.
When the next crypto market bloodbath occurs I believe only couple of blockchains with real value based on safety of the infrastructure and things built on it will show resistance and find support.

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Hi @isamu, thank you for your message.

The figure of 4.6% is an estimation only according to the Staking Calculator; of course, the actual figure will depend on pool performance and saturation, amount of ADA delegated Etc…

Kind regards,

Hi Richard, thank you for your input which is much appreciated.

I took part in the ITN from Dec 2019 to Jun 2020 which had 1000+ pools running and gave an indication of the rewards to be around 8-10% which was fantastic.

If you are looking at this solely from an investors point of view then yes, I can understand why some are disappointed with the estimated 4.6%, and I stress, it is only an estimation; I have no doubt it will be more closer to that of the ITN in most cases.

I feel that the point of my post (Are we being too short sighted) has been overlooked somewhat.

I personally think that Cardano’s technology is far superior to projects like those you have listed, and I have no doubt in time, ADA will be far more valuable.

If you are as shrewd an investor as you sound, then you will know better than anyone that, you may be able to make slightly more now from Cosmos and alike, but real gains are realised holding a Tech asset long term.

Tezos, Algorand, and Cosmos are buzz words now, but where will they be when Cardano has dominated the market and ADA has reached its true value?




Hello and thank you for the message dicentra fide. That makes sense and I wish people would not throw out the 4.6% as if it’s a concrete number. it’s a bit misleading and gives the impression that 4.6% is the actual figure when, like you said, it’s not set in stone and it’s only an estimation.

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4.6 to 5% its a good return your bank gives you zip on your bills,and guys if price goes higher by a short sqeez in the market of ada then its a win win dont worrie just hold and see it no 1,on top of borring pow bitcoin,pos is the hero so ada on top of his game​:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


anyone knows what would be a minimum estimated amount of ada to be worth running a “personal”/“private” node compared to simple staking? tried to play around with the stake calculator on the site but the numbers are kinda insane.