Atala Prism SDK / technical information for my masters' thesis

Hi all!

I’m writing my masters’ thesis at the moment. It’s about Self Sovereign Identity and I have chosen to compare Atala Prism to the key components of GDPR compliance. First, I have to explain where Atala Prism fits within different SSI implementations, and exactly how it works on the background. I have found this on YouTube, which is very helpful: Cardano Africa - Atala DID technical walkthrough - YouTube
However, In order to include some screenshots, or high-res images I would like to get it on my own screen to explore a bit more. (I have no software development background)

Does anyone know how I can access it? Thanks for the help in advance! Any other tips with regards to technical explanations of Atala Prism are welcome ofcourse!

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MP4 720P 39.39 MB:

I’ve used this free cloud storage site for years. There’s a download button up top. Good luck on your thesis!

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Great, thank you! At least I won’t have to screenshot YouTube now :slight_smile: