Attending IOHK Summit? Let's group up!

Hello, Cardano family! I’m organizing a /r/cardano and Cardano forum meetup at the IOHK Summit so that we can make the most out of the conference together - completely free, of course. Here are a few things you can expect by joining in:

  • Connect and make lifelong friends with other passionate Cardano community members
  • Discuss conference announcements, talks, events, etc. and share with /r/cardano and the Cardano forum*
  • Group Q&A opportunities with dLab, Emurgo, and/or IOHK team members (I’ll arrange this)

*In an effort to benefit those of us who aren’t able to attend IOHK Summit, we’ll collectively discuss and compile a list of important and interesting information from the conference, which we’ll then share on /r/cardano and the Cardano forum. Together, we’ll be able to capture more information - that might otherwise be lost or forgotten as individuals - and provide value to our community.

If you’re interested, send me a direct message (to avoid spammers) so that I can send you an invite to the Discord server (a free group messaging app - made just for the IOHK Summit and will be disabled afterward - I’ll be able to respond late in the evenings, EST). Hoping to meet you all next week!