Backup advice


I’m looking at the best way to backup my stake pool files and wondered how other people do this.

Offline Node
Backup the whole server image or Backup just the keys and necessary files or both?

Block Producer
Which files to back up? Snapshot the server?

Same as Producer questions


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For my part, the cold environment is an offline VM a take snapshot and i also saved cold key on encrypted USB key.

For core and relays, i also saved keys and cert on USB key. Servers are hosted on AWS, so a take a daily VM snapshot.

Is all that necessary ? I don’t know…but…security first :slight_smile:

Here a nice video here form M Hoskinson about key security.

Thank you for the tips!

A daily VM snapshot of the live servers, is there a specific reason for this?


beside cold keys be sure to also protect



So even if your cold machine is somehow compromised the keys are encrypted with GPG, another layer of protection

Yes, cntools provides encryption/decrryption optiun of “critical” files, but u can do it manually( be carefull to not forget the password ( u can keep a copy of file unencrypted on an offline usb which u wil use if u are loosing the encryption/decryption password)

But me for example I don’t keep them on server even they are encrypted

A daily VM snapshot is a bit overkill, A stable snapshot is enought.
But if you have to restore a node with an old backup, resynching with network can take time.

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Hey i was wondering something similar, i would like to have a backup node pool running in case the main pool has issue or the server has to be updated or something like that. Is there anything built-in cardano node to manage such things with a smooth transition ?
Hope this isn’t offtopic :slight_smile: