Beginner Marlowe Meadow Question: Blockly to Code Button

Hi Guys,

Beginner here. I’m playing around with Meadow. I’ve put something together in the graphical interface but it doesn’t look like the code window is updating to reflect what I’m doing in the graphical interface.

I’m sure I’m missing some fundamental step here. But, I’m hitting the “Blockly-to-Code” button and it doesn’t look like anything is updating in the code.

Any ideas what noob mistake I’m making?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Also, feel free to let me know if the sophistication level of my question is too low for this section of the forum and it needs to go to a different section.

I rebuilt the same contract in a new instance (maybe you guys can tell me if that’s the right word?) of Meadow and the “Blockly-to-Code” button is working now.

But, I’m still curious why it wasn’t working before. I’m guessing there was some flaw in the contract I tried to write on the graphical side that wouldn’t allow it to be translated to code?

Another quick Meadow question:

Is there a way to comment in the code window and still have it translate to the graphical side?

I tried {- and – in case that was carried over from Haskell (apparently those are used for comments in Haskell?) and it didn’t seem to work.

The blockly-to-code button usually does not do anything when there’s a puzzle tile that is not connected. (But it may also caused by a javascript problem)

I can confirm that commenting the code will result in a single contract-puzzle tile.

@adatainment Thanks for the response. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I had a rogue puzzle tile that was disconnected and hiding somewhere.

Okay I just noticed that the code textfield in the split screen does show the compiled / minified code.

You can press the “use haskell embedding editor (Fay)” button to edit the code. It will support comments with – there. Also load and save options. Then press compile and minimize it again.

Awesome tip! Thank you. That will definitely save me some cut and paste time.