Blank screen?

hello team ada
so now en then getting white screen why is that?? the blank fix is on but still it goes white what can be the problem🤔

Im not really sure what exactly you mean.

hello dear ada friend
when up load the wallet the screen gets total white so now en then this happens the last month often before now issues so i did turn on the blank screen issue fix active button in daedalus now both are on rts flags active&blank screen fix active.
thank u

Id recommand to use a litewallet like Typhon and simply restore the wallet there.

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thanks zyroxa if you have to choose wich is the best typhon or eternl???
wich is more secure,fast,eazy
are both to use on my apple 15pro
layouts are the same??
how much gb ram i need on a desktop?

They are both decent. Id say Typhon is abit more user friendly because it has a cleaner UI.

When it comes about security, both are secure.

As they are both litewallets, they dont require potent hardware, so you will be fine with your laptop.

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thank u so much great to have person like you here allways on the help side👍

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