Block Producer Startup script Key references


I’m about to edit my block producer startup script. I’m primarily using CoinCashew as my guide, so I’m on step 9.

Here it specifies to update the script with the kes.skey and verf.skey
Is this correct? I’m just checking because these are the private keys.

I assume these keys are needed to auto-sign block production for the vrf.skey ? I’m not sure why the kes.skey would be needed?

Also, I deviated from the guide in that I generated all my keys on my air-gapped machine, so I will need to copy those over. But I’m hoping to confirm that’s fine, ie, generating these keys on the air-gapped machine vs the block producer.

Thanks again for all this help!

It is correct, proceed with no worries.
The script will include kes.skey, vrf.skey and node.cert which are the only files you should keep on your BP.
If you read more carefully the guide also informs that:

Stake pool operators must provide an operational certificate to verify that the pool has the authority to run. The certificate includes the operator’s signature, and includes key information about the pool (addresses, keys, etc.). Operational certificates represent the link between the operator’s offline key and their operational key.

Thank you!

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