BP node missing slots

Hello Everyone,
I’m currently monitoring my BP node for missing slots and it seems like I miss 2-4 slots every hour !!
I’m using Cloud VM for both core and relay , increased cpu cores from 2 to 4 cores , added swap partition 4G , but still the same .

When I restart the core node it is working fine for few hours then it starts missing slots again .
Any idea how to fix it ?

What hardware configuration have the servers?

Hi Alex, I’m using e2-standard-4 (4 vCPUs, 16 GB memory) for both relay and node

should be enough, try to connect the Producer to only one relay and keep monitoring for few hours

Currently I’m only using one relay , I was planning to add another one later this month

Aa ok, so 2 servers each with 4vCPU and 16GRAM

Correct , one server as relay and one server as BP core

Also it looks like it has a periodic behavior, which is weird !! I’m specially worried because I have 2 blocks to mint next epoch and don’t want to miss those

Did u installed chrony?

yes I did , time delay is maximum 5-7 ms on both servers .
Also the RTT between the relay and the BP is 79ms (not perfect , but not bad too)

How many peers has the relay?


I noticed when that when the core miss a slot there is a small cpu peak of 20-30% , otherwise the cpu load is less than 3%

What other services are running on Producer?

Cardano , chrony , Prometheus-node-exporter


btw, have you read the related topics about missed slots?

For my pool it helped to migrate the bp node to dedicated virtual server instead of VPS. Other SPOs went for bare metal. Both solutions fixed that issue with missing slots.

IMO it is an issue with the hypervisor scheduling your virtual machine because it usually has low CPU load, but high responsiveness requirements.

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I have been in the same position your in. The best thing you can do is determine why your missing blocks. Check the logs, and it will point you at the error. There could be 100’s of reasons your missing blocks.

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Dear All,

so this situation here,


it is a big problem right?

Thank you for your help.

Yes I did , but nothing worked for me , now I restart Cardano service to be able to get few hours without missed slots