Bridging the Gap for Continental Expansion: Nigeria Cardano Meet-up

Nigeria's Event Poster

Catalyst Africa Town Hall remains committed to advancing Cardano’s mission in Africa! The Bridging the Gap for Continental Expansion project is making strides. This weekend, our team organized a vibrant physical meet-up in Nigeria, drawing 35-40 participants from the suburb of Oyo. The focus was on introducing the Cardano Blockchain to the community.

Cardano wallets were created for all attendees, and we delved into various roles within Project Catalyst. The enthusiasm was palpable, leading us to plan a training program for those with brilliant ideas eager to implement them.

Recognizing the strong desire for knowledge, especially in Cardano architecture, programming, and coding, we’ve proposed a training initiative.

Our proposal to train approximately 8 students in Cardano Solution Architects, organized by Emurgo Academy, can be found here (Cardano Solution Architects Training Initiative)

Our commitment to spreading knowledge across Africa continues, and we welcome your contributions. Africa’s hunger for emerging technology is a catalyst for its transformation.

The participants expressed keen interest and urged us to organize frequent meet-ups. Stay connected and follow us on X @Africa_townhall and subscribe on YouTube for updates!

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