Building a Cardano Node with Nix

I have a Cardano Node running as per this documentation - cardano-node/ at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

I can see new blocks being created like “… Chain extended, new tip: uwutfcc684569shciyshshpjshchcl0987chsj9876jj at slot 20073498”

But I don’t have cardano-node or cardano-cli on my command line.

What other configuration do I need to set?

And can proper instructions be put on the Nix set-up page for next steps?

Thanks and regards,


PS : I am on Mac OS Catalina

Not sure about Nix but I successfully built cardano-node and cardano-cli with cabal on MacOS. Why would you want to use Nix though?

It depends, can you locate them using for instance locate cardano-cli ? If so, all that is required is for them to be put somewhere in your $PATH. As for nix, I believe there is no available support anymore as per official doc.