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How can I buy Ouroboros coin?

Aniket Nagla


I do not know if someone created a token that is named after the Ouroboros coin and moreover if there is some real value behind that coin. What I do know it that there is no token associated to the Ouroboros consensus protocol that cardano uses. It is not a project on cardano, it is an integral part of cardano. The different versions of this consensus protocol are researched by the company IOHK that devolope the main infrastructure of cardano. And the only token that they have in holdings is ada, the original native token. So my tip to you, don’t buy any ouroboros tokens if the seller claims it represent any worth of the protocol mentioned above.

Thank you for the reply and details. Appreciate your response.

I see the Yahoo Finance shows the price of Ouroboros Coin and same is reflecting on Coinbase; tough on Coinbase it is under non tradeable category. See attached image

I checked the coin ouroboros out via coin market cap and looked at the website that is linked to it. Looks like it is a new pos block chain that has nothing to do with cardano. The white paper is trash and I think its a rug pull in the making.

Thank you, this helps

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