Cabal upgrade when upgrading to 1.33.0

Working through the process of upgrading to 1.33.0
Ran all of the requisite ghcup commands to update ghcup and cable
Upgrades report successful

ghc --version reports 8.10.7
cabal --version reports
ghcup install cabal 3.4…0.0 completes successfully

running ghc set cabal returns “successfully set as default version”

But running cabal --version still returns

Suggestions on what I might be missing?

You might have a phantom version of cabal hidden in there. Try which cabal and see if there is another version somewhere,

Check the bashrc file, I think the export line has the wrong/old path

This might also help, Cabal not changing from (solved)

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Thanks! As suggested, it was a phantom cabal in the .local/bin - removed and the correct was made active in the .ghcup/bin location - onward…