Cannon retire stake pool


I’ve had a stake pool up and running for a while but now I want to retire it but have run into some problems.
I try to retire it thrue cntools menu, I choose the pool, the wallet and get this error message.

I’ve tried to do it in offline mode as well, build the transaction, sign it and finaly submit it, same error.
For some reason it showd the wrong epoch number, maybe that has something to do with it?

Ticker: PLRS


How is the node on glive? Can u share the output?


like this, just restarted the node after a while, but i dont think it will be able to sync and run properly, hence the retirement. I dont have the hardware for it.

ok, the node should be synced but it’s not… so

Type free -m

go to topolgy file and edit the file… (delete your relay and add):

  "Producers": [
      "addr": "",
      "port": 3001,
      "valency": 2

save the file and restart the node… you should see 2 OUT peers and syncing in progress… then wait till the node will be 100% synced (1-2 days) then try again to retire the pool


Thanks Alex, I’m on it.
changed the topology, restarting now.

The free -m looks depressing, no space left

This is the MEMORY space, go also to configuration file and set TraceMempool to false before to restart the node
after this it should use ~4G of RAM which should be enough

Ok done, TraceMempool set to false, restarting the pool, thanks for helping me out again Alex :slight_smile:

No problem, now u must wait for the node to start… then u should see it syncing…

Just curious about one thing, why did we remove my relay and replace it with the other one in the topology file?

because ur relay is not working… I mean on if u are looking by pool ID u will see that can’t be accesible and if the Producer can’t connect to it… it can’t sync the DB

And the IOHK nodes are up and running all time

haha good point :slight_smile:

Thank again Alex, you helped me set up this thing a while back, It would not have been possible without it.
I’ll wait now for this thing to sync and try again, thank you :smiley:

You are welcome, anytime :beers: