Cannot build derivation '/nix/store/...error: build of '/nix/store/...1 dependencies couldn't be built

Hi All,

I am trying to install cardano-db-sync.
Following the EDEN pool video tutorial.
I am currently on step to execute this script:

nix-build -A cardano-db-sync -o db-sync-node

After several hours of waiting got this error message

If any of you had the solution or a clue what might it cause the error would be much appreciated :pray:

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I have a almost same problem. I tried to compile cardano-db-sync. But I got the blow messages.
Please let me know how I solve it.
-------------------the below-------------------------

  • [new tag] pioneer-5 → pioneer-5
  • [new tag] pioneer-new-address → pioneer-new-address
  • [new tag] pioneer-wave2 → pioneer-wave2
    fatal: git cat-file: could not get object info
    Unrecognized git object type:
    Unable to checkout e8b9961f8c35996aae8f78fb9811f22e39af037e from
    builder for ‘/nix/store/dji4jsi7hv8ssh5kngfwb864b227v9nf-cardano-node-e8b9961.drv’ failed with exit code 1
    cannot build derivation ‘/nix/store/5h25fmg4hk2qx474m1p3if5abv24gv21-haskell-project-plan-to-nix-pkgs.drv’: 1 dependencies couldn’t be built
    error: while evaluating the attribute ‘hsPkgs’ at /nix/store/i369k44ks1r4pwd7znr2pqvncx2nl06z-source/overlays/haskell.nix:549:15:
    while evaluating the attribute ‘hsPkgs’ at /nix/store/i369k44ks1r4pwd7znr2pqvncx2nl06z-source/overlays/haskell.nix:526:43:
    while evaluating anonymous function at /nix/store/i369k44ks1r4pwd7znr2pqvncx2nl06z-source/lib/import-and-filter-project.nix:5:1, called from /nix/store/i369k44ks1r4pwd7znr2pqvncx2nl06z-source/overlays/haskell.nix:504:27:
    build of ‘/nix/store/5h25fmg4hk2qx474m1p3if5abv24gv21-haskell-project-plan-to-nix-pkgs.drv’ failed