Cardano 1.4.1 - Second Update

Cardano 1.4.1: Daedalus 0.12.1 with Cardano SL 2.0.1

An update to the Cardano 1.4.1 has been released on Cardano testnet. This is the second and final release candidate for 1.4.1 release that will be released on the Cardano mainnet later this week.

This minor release fixes four small but important issues:

  • Problems with blockchain synchronization
  • Problems with the network connection
  • Transactions with a large number of inputs failing,
  • and limitations with showing transaction history in Daedalus.

For details please read the release notes:


Thanks for the update Maki. I think the most significant community concern right now is wallet stability, and this update appears to address corrections to the more common issues we are seeing on the tech support forum and TG channel.