Cardano 100 times more decentralized than btc

Anyone have a link to Charles saying this?

I don’t. But it is very likely to be, once decentralization happens in Cardano.

In Bitcoin POW what is rewarded is the computing power, this turns into bigger and bigger mining pools being put together. Most of the hashing power of Bitcoin network is now in China and under the control of very few players.

Cardano intention is to have 1000 stakepools, and its reward scheme will set a saturation point. When a stakepool passes that threshold its rewards become constant, which will make that particular stakepool a little bit less attractive. Assuming a rational behavior from stakeholders delegating to it, some of them will delegate to a more competitive stakepool, thus promoting decentralization.

I cannot recall that he said this, as I remember he said it in the future tense and not in a present one. Means, will be is missing before 100.