Cardano Campus Meetup - Edition 7 (Ghana Edition 2024)


“Cardano Campus Meetup - Edition 7” was a massive success. It brought together an eager crowd of newcomers to explore the innovative world of Cardano blockchain and its vast opportunities for all.

We recorded over 70 participants attending the event.
From demystifying blockchain basics to unveiling the endless possibilities of Cardano’s ecosystem, participants were guided through a journey of discovery. This was a satisfying and fulfilling moment for myself and the entire team.

They left equipped with newfound knowledge and empowered to embark on their exploring more of the benefits these technologies present. It was a meetup where curiosity met opportunity, igniting the spark of innovation among the Cardano community.

This is a great step towards flooding and making Cardano blockchain a “house-hold name” not only in Ghana but Africa at large.
Watch out for more exciting updates from the Cardano Africa Academy. Cheers.

Video Link Here:


Keep at it. Keep on. I think the first time you posted an update from Ghana, there were nine people in the room. Now there are 70.

Every initiative won’t succeed, but they won’t all fail either.

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