Cardano-cli issue

Hello. Cardanians.
I have an issue during issuing a new operational certification.
Anyone can help me?

In air-gapped machines, I am facing below situations.

You’ll need to install the secp256k1 on your cold box. I’m just trying to find the link for the instructions for that.

thanks. I will wait it… But you know how to install it in cold box (no internet connection)?

Found it,

And yes, don’t connect to the internet. There’s enough stories out there of people just conencting for an innocent reason and regretting it.

I’ve got my network port taped off on my cold box, just in case someone was trying to be helpful, or some other weird reason.

You copy the library from another machine using an USB stick. The other machine should have the same OS (on the same architecture).

After installing the libsecp256k1 library on you air-gapped, offline computer using the procedure at Configuring an Air-gapped, Offline Computer - CoinCashew the procedure for issuing a new operational certificate is at Issuing a New Operational Certificate - CoinCashew


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