Cardano-cli vs cardano-wallet

Lets say I create a new wallet using cardano-cli. I end up with some keys, address and utxo.

Is there a way to turn those keys into a mnemonic phrase so that the wallet could be restored in cardano-wallet, yoroi or daedalus?

And vice versa. I create a new wallet with cardano-wallet. How do I then create the keys so I can use cardano-cli with it?

There are some examples at the cardano-addresses project for getting different keys from the seed phrase: Also see cardano-wallet key command.
For the other way around I’m not sure.


The other way round is simply not possible. The steps done in deriving public and private keys from a seed phrase are very, very hard to do in the reverse direction. And even if you could, there would be no guarantee that the randomly chosen keys of cardano-cli would even be derivable with sensible derivation paths.