Cardano Foundation - ADA Faucet

Has anyone at the Cardano Foundation considered operating stake pools in order to provide a faucet from staking rewards?

Such pools could be used to promote Cardano in developing countries by rewarding users small amounts of ADA for activities such as promotion, watching educational videos and completing short quizzes.

I can imagine that such faucets in Africa, rural India, South America and South East Asia could have significant impact in raising awareness and driving adoption.

This would likely be difficult to manage from a user eligibility perspective but I feel it could be worth pursuing.


Good Thinking :thought_balloon:!!!
It may help indeed … I like your suggestion

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Dear Matthijs,

This is an interesting, while complicated topic, thanks! Here some pointers for reading over the weekend:

  • from and at the Foundation, we will not get directly involved in stake pools
  • of course we will help out with guidance, questions, events, but also academic research around and about stake pools
  • this will increase once we get closer on the technical horizon
  • but… Yes, there is something built into the Cardano Roadmap that is very similar to what you describe, it’s what we refer to as “Cardano Treasury”.
  • it’s still early days, but do read up on this link with some first hints: (scroll down to “Treasury”).

Enjoy the reading and have a good weekend!


Thanks for the response Nathan, it’s great to see you on the forums!