Cardano Foundation is a scam

I’ll be sure to do the next one on Github :slight_smile:

Maybe at the Summit!

mmm at the conf… yes.

I will just add that nobody even attempted to answer the entire point I was trying to make. There is no mechanism to hold CF to account. With no mechanism to hold CF to account, how can we ensure they are accountable? simping for them and posting their inadequate achievements like it’s something to be proud of, does not answer the critical question - which is:

what should the community do to change CF, if we are not happy with their performance? Which we are not.


It’s the same for IO and Emurgo, Cardano is centralised to the 3 entities, and that is supposed to change in future (for better or worse). This was devised by Charles to say if one of the entities dont work, other 2 should be able to hold them accountable. Community does not have a role in bootstrap ecosystem’s decisions (as much as Proof of concept governance systems think so).

(Just addressing this statement, I dont agree with most of your comments in rest of thread anyways as discussed in previous replies)


… and it’s also the same for most crypto projects inside and outside of Cardano.

They make damn sure that token holders are not shareholders of the project, that what they are selling in the ISPO/ICO/whatever are not securities, so that they remain a privately owned company not controlled by the token holders.

The mainstream of crypto has somehow managed to convince everyone that it would be a bad thing if the authorities that usually protect the rights of investors – like the US-American SEC – would be responsible for crypto projects. Hence, people now want to “invest” in projects, where they do not have any rights towards the entities running the project and all they can do is bicker on social media, where they only own “utility tokens” – or in the case of Cardano “commodities”.

The case is a bit better for a foundation. At least it is required to pursue the purpose written down in its bylaws. But other than the bodies of the foundation itself, the only entity that could intervene – in case of gross mismanagement or crimes – are the authorities of Switzerland in our case.


I want to share perhaps a more positive, optimistic, and constructive endeavor:


Not sure how this can be said with a straight face when the opportunity to integrate with Instagram was ignored. This is an outrage frankly.


this is unbelievable

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Argh - thanks for reminder why I turn-off social medias in the first place…

The part you’re talking about - partnerships/business decisions/marketing - I excluded that in my reply above (excerpt again). I did mention what IS working and where - it is no brainer which arm is supposed to be looking after business and has been dormant for years

I don’t understand how people can draw the conclusion from “Cardano was not integrated into YX” that people from us would not have been sitting at the table, discuss, support and try to make it happen. What then led to what decision obviously is not something you publish or rant about on Twitter, because that would destroy any future relationship.


You’re quoting people who have vested interests in keeping Cardano Foundation on-side.
I hear what people say in private, and it doesn’t match up with this, not at all.

Please stop this deflection and denial - if the polls are anything to go by, when Voltaire comes into being, the community will vote Cardano Foundation out of existence given half a chance. Rather than trying to deflect this existential threat and pretend it’s not real, you need to address this.


Cardano can benefit from a functional effective
non-profit Cardano Foundation. I want the foundation to exist and behave as a wonderful foundation.

However, Community members based governance should/will take the mantle of leadership, retire the Genesis keys, implement Treasury reimbursement, and establish annual budgets (During Voltaire).

CF will be fine with 675M. During Voltaire CF can choose to fund parts of the members based organization or competitively request and earn a budget democratically from the treasury on merit.


Foundation shills and zealots with special interests are out in full force.


Agreed, they’ll be gone with Voltaire, or even sooner via fork.

When leading devs building the very dapps people are most excited about on the chain start talking about needing to fork…

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It’s hard to take anything you type seriously. Your title, and comments are trollish. If you want something seriously done, be mature and write like you have an education.


Couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, though it is incorrectly phrased.
The Cardano Foundation is not a technical leader, we have IOG taking lead there. They have not provided KPIs for the community to judge their success by. They hold one of three keys to enact a hardfork combinator event and yet truly have provided nothing of value.

Hiring even talented individuals is not beneficial unless those people have goals that they can achieve.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they exist to make people believe that Charles Hoskinson himself is not the only person running the network in spite of the fact that through Emurgo and IOG which are privately owned organisations he does in fact.

I am not a troll but the SPO of NASEC pool since epoch 213 so hardly a short term participant either.

I agree that CF should be held accountable for producing regular weekly KPI’s. They should step up to the plate and prove what they are doing. If they don’t, the community will continue to lose trust in them. Seems like an easy solution.

forking cardano because you dont like how CF behave is just plain wrong. should CF be more transparent about their goals and doings? sure. but using twitter polls/dm as factual proof about how the whole chains feels about the foundation doesnt look very bright. social media tend to be a pot of blind following and exaggeration. it can be used as one of many references to sustain a point but not as its being used in this thread. good things take time and microwave society cant wait for nothing. Twitter rants are the easier route since it gets more engagement. thoughtful solutions doesnt get many engagment farming as twitter rants. i like when people point out problems but bring solutions for them. forking is not one of them.


@Alex_Norris @havealoha Can I ask where do you guys usually look for updates from the Cardano Foundation as I feel we just don’t have enough penetration in the channels or people look at the wrong place / don’t follow the right channels. For example, have any of you seen these recent updates?


@adatainment I missed every one of the blog articles above… and I’ve been following the work of the Cardano Foundation for nearly 3 years now. I do remember when this blog was launched, including how sad & frustrating it was to have no RSS feed from the blog page (which itself doesn’t even have complete metadata):

Since there’s no way to syndicate or get automatic notification for new entries published to that blog, potential readers have to rely on centralised & arbitrary social networking for the new article releases.

How nice it would be if the CF designers would simply use standards developed over 20 years ago (and still used today for the decentralised semantic web) to syndicate & serialise blog entries:

I also recall, and we can still see today, that the CF formerly used Medium for its blog… which automatically generates RSS links for all channels & authors. When the CF blog moved from Medium to this proprietary site, all these vital community updates effectively went into the dark. :disappointed: